Music Prep was established to prepare the next generation of artist. Our program is based on the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program and ensures that you receive the highest quality of training. 

At Music Prep we focus on four major categories:

  • Repertoire - a stock of pieces that a performer knows or is prepared to perform.

  • Technique - the ability of instrumental and vocal musicians to exert optimal control of their instruments or vocal chords in order to produce precise musical effects.

  • Musicianship - the knowledge, skill and sensitivity in performing music. The artistry of performing.

  • Musical Literacy - the ability to the read, write, and verbally communicate musical notation correctly.

We believe these are the foundations for developing a well-rounded musician. Our program is designed to sequentially build upon the skills you currently possess. Whether you're picking up an instrument for the first time or looking to expand your knowledge on one, Music Prep will help you achieve your goals.

In addition to our affiliation with the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, we also work closely with fine art academies to prepare students for their musical auditions. This is a great way for students who wish to pursue music further to get an inside look at the  audition process at these institutions, and help students pass them!

We provide lessons in the following instruments:
Classical Guitar / Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Piano / Keyboard

Percussion / Drum Set - coming soon!

Private lessons will vary in price depending on the length of the lesson. The monthly tuition will cover (4) private in home lessons, and will include all necessary materials for the student. 

(4) - 30 minute private lessons - $120.00
(4) - 45 minute private lessons - $175.00
(4) - 1 hour private lessons - $235.00

what parents think of us

  • Noah has really enjoyed the guitar and we are amazed at how much he's learned. It has been a wonderful experience!
    — Michelle C.
  • My daughter has been taking bass lessons for about a year and she loves it. She looks forward to her lesson every week. John is a great teacher. He teaches her new popular songs in addition to the classics, to keep her interested. I highly recommend Music Prep!
    — Tiffany L.
  • My son is enrolled at Music Prep and has been given the highest quality lessons according to my son's abilities. John recognized the potential in my son and has provided support to grow his musical intellect. I highly recommend Music Prep for serious training in theory and music or just beginning to play an instrument, its all fun.
    — Ronnie S.
  • John has been instructing my son in classical guitar for the last two years. My son had just turned six when he started taking lessons with John, and had never played any other musical instrument. John is very patient and helps foster a sense of accomplishment to keep my son interested and looking forward to his lessons. My son can read music and continues to improve in his technique. I am highly impressed with John and recommend him wholeheartedly.
    — Melissa M.
  • Both John and Tony are excellent musicians that bring instruction of the highest quality, as well as inspiration for the individual guitarist, no matter how young, to embrace the music and to develop their own style. Highly recommended!
    — Maria B.
  • My son has learned so much! The instructors are knowledgable, supportive and fun.
    — Dawn C.

What students think of us

  • You try so hard to make us the best guitar player, and that determination is what makes you a good teacher.
    — Andy H.
  • You are an amazing teacher. I am thankful to have a teacher like you.
    — Katie M.
  • This is my first time ever to play the guitar and it has been amazing. Hope to learn more.
    — Gabe J.
  • Thanks for being an awesome teacher.
    — Austin B.